What is the Shoalhaven Libraries Draft Strategic Plan?

    Shoalhaven Libraries Draft Strategic Plan works towards key themes and priorities that have been identified by the community, which are to: Build inclusive, safe and connected communitiesActivate communities through arts, culture and eventsDeliver reliable services that meet daily community needsShoalhaven Libraries has identified 4 key areas to concentrate its efforts on in order to provide identified and effective services to the community: -Access-Education-Culture-Inclusion

    Why does the library need a strategic plan?

    This new strategic plan aims to provide clear direction for staff and the community on the library’s future priorities and the strategies and actions to achieve the desired goals. An alignment with Council’s integrated planning and reporting framework and relevant strategies, as well as the overarching Cultural Plan, has been achieved.

    What is Shoalhaven Libraries strategic direction?

    The plan will continue to build on current service provision and has been developed to provide a direction on the future of our libraries to ensure that they remain at the centre of their communities delivering services and resources that offer recreation, connection and foster lifelong learning opportunities.

    How was this plan developed and by who?

    Shoalhaven Libraries Strategic Plan has been developed using professional public library research, direction and benchmarking; information regarding the changing role and profile of libraries and librarians; community expectations of libraries; technological advances; branch usage statistics; customer survey data and industry trends.

    In 2015 a Customer User Survey was conducted which saw over 827 respondents provide information about the current level of service and future wishes.  Overall the survey revealed a largely satisfied library clientele, but as expected more books and DVDs, longer opening hours, more computers and printers and more space for studying and reading were requested.

    What level of input will the community have in the final document?

    The community will have over 4 weeks in which to review the document and make comments to Council.  All feedback provided by the community during this consultation process will be reviewed and collated into a report that will be discussed by Councillors at one of Council’s Ordinary meetings. At the meeting Councillors will decide to accept or amend the recommendations in the report and the plan will be adopted.

    6. Where can I find a copy of the draft strategic plan to read?

    A copy of the strategic plan will be available at Council’s combined information sessions, which will be held from 6 – 8pm on:

    • 29th May 2018 at Nowra School of Arts

    • 31st May 2018 at Ulladulla Civic Centre

    • 7th June 2018 at Vincentia Community Hall

    The draft strategic plan can also be accessed online via Council’s ‘Get Involved’ page.  There will also be physical copies available to review at all of Shoalhaven Libraries’ branches.