Why did Council prepare a Coastal Zone Management Plan?

    The State Government requires all coastal councils in New South Wales to prepare Coastal Zone Management Plans in accordance with state policies and guidelines.

    The risks to our coast from coastal processes, climate change and sea level rise are now well recognised. Shoalhaven City Council therefore resolved to prepare a Coastal Zone Management Plan for the open coastline, to define the level of risk from coastal hazards and provide a co-ordinated approach to management of coastal hazards.

    What land does the Coastal Zone Management Plan apply to?

    This Coastal Zone Management Plan applies to the open coastline (including Jervis Bay) but does not include the estuaries. This Coastal Zone Management Plan focuses on two sets of coastal hazards:
    • Beach erosion, wave runup and long term recession.
    • Coastal cliff and slope instability.
    Based on technical studies, 10 beaches were prioritised as being at greater risk of coastal erosion, as follows:
    • Shoalhaven Heads
    • Culburra Beach
    • Warrain Beach
    • Currarong Beach
    • Callala Beach
    • Collingwood Beach
    • Narrawallee Beach
    • Mollymook Beach
    • Collers Beach
    • Boat Harbour, Bendalong (included after the 2015 East Coast Low (ECL) event)
    Also based on technical studies, 10 coastal cliff and slope instability locations were prioritised as being a greater risk, as follows:
    • Penguin Head and Culburra Beach
    • Plantation Point
    • Hyams Point
    • Berrara Point
    • Inyadda Point Headland, Manyana
    • Narrawallee
    • Bannisters Point
    • Collers Beach Headland
    • Rennies Beach
    • Racecourse Beach.
    Therefore, this Coastal Zone Management Plan also specifically addresses these locations, including both private and public land. The 20 risk areas listed above have been included in the Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 2014 and Shoalhaven Development Control Plan 2014 for many years.

    Why is the Coastal Zone Management Plan on exhibition?

    This exhibition gives the community the opportunity to review the document and make any final comments before it is considered and adopted by Council. The Coastal Zone Management Plan must then be forwarded to the NSW Minister for the Environment, for certification. Certification must occur by October 2018.

    It’s extremely important that Council has a certified Coastal Zone Management Plan. Without it, Council is not eligible to apply for grants from the state government to implement the actions contained in the Coastal Zone Management Plan. This is the main funding utilised by Council to implement the actions in this document.

    The Coastal Zone Management Plan was originally exhibited in 2012 and was also considered as part of a broader community engagement project – Our Coast Our Lifestyle – in 2016. All community input from 2012 and 2016 has been considered in the final preparation of this Coastal Zone Management Plan that is now on exhibition.

    What about the coastal management reform? How does that impact this Coastal Zone Management Plan?

    This draft Coastal Zone Management Plan sets out the plan for coastal management within the Shoalhaven City local government area for the next five years and beyond. During the next five years Council will develop a new Coastal Management Program in accordance with the latest requirements of the NSW Coastal Management Act 2016. Important actions that go beyond five years in this Coastal Zone Management Plan can be included in the Coastal Management Program.

    How have all the coastal processes been considered?

    For further information on how coastal processes (and associated hazards) informed the Coastal Zone Management Plan please see the video by Chris Adamantidis from Advisian (Coastal Engineering Specialist).

    Are there any public information sessions being held during the exhibition?

    Yes. There will be information sessions held from 6pm to 8pm at the following locations on:
    • Tuesday 29 May 2018 - Nowra School of Arts, Berry Street Nowra.
    • Thursday 31 May 2018 - Ulladulla Civic Centre, 818 Princes Highway, Ulladulla.
    • Thursday 7 June 2018 - Vincentia Public Hall, Lot 13 Coles Car Park, The Wool Road Vincentia.

    How can I make a submission?

    1. Go to the CZMP Get Involved page on Council’s website
    2. Send an email to council@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au
    3. Deliver to SCC Administration Building, Graham St, Nowra
    4. Post to SCC, PO Box 42, Nowra 2540
    Submissions must be made by 5pm Tuesday 12 June 2018.

    All enquiries can be directed to: Environmental Services Section - ph. 4429 3392.

    What happens after public exhibition?

    Additional matters that are raised during the exhibition process will be reviewed and considered, in the context of moving forward to implement the actions identified in this document. The Council will either formally adopt this Coastal Zone Management Plan or determine further changes. Once the Council has adopted this Coastal Zone Management Plan it will be referred to the NSW Minister for the Environment for certification. Once certified, it will become effective.

    This will allow for years of input from Council, the community, state agencies and other stakeholders to finally be implemented, with the desired outcome to have thriving and resilient coastal communities living and working on a healthy coast, now and into the future.

    What do all the different terms and acronyms used in this Coastal Zone Management Plan mean?

    • Accreting: Forming (a composite whole) by gradual accumulation.
    • Aeolian: Relating to or arising from the action of the wind.
    • Bathymetry: The measurement of depth of water in oceans, seas, or lakes.
    • Littoral Drift: The transport of non-cohesive sediments, i.e. mainly sand, along the foreshore and the shoreface due to the action of the breaking waves and the longshore current.
    • LiDAR: Light detection and ranging.
    • AEP: Annual Exceedance Probability
    • ARI: Average Recurrence Interval
    • CCB: Community Consultative Body
    • CZMP: Coastal Zone Management Plan
    • CMP: Coastal Management Plan
    • ECL: East Coast Low
    • ESCCI: Eastern Seaboard Climate Change Initiative
    • DCP: Development Control Plan
    • ICOLL: Intermittently Closed and Opened Lakes and Lagoons
    • IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
    • LEP: Local Environmental Plan
    • NRFM: Natural Resources & Floodplain Management
    • OCOL: Our Coast Our Lifestyle
    • OEH: Office of Environment & Heritage
    • SCC: Shoalhaven City Council
    • SLEP: Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan
    • SLR: Sea Level Rise
    • SOI: Southern Oscillation Index
    • ZSA: Zone of Slope Adjustment
    • ZRFC: Zone of Reduced Foundation Capacity