Why do we need a Property Strategy?

Council owns or manages more than 3,400 properties. For the first time, an integrated approach has been drafted that affirms how Council should manage these properties to ensure it meets current and future needs. 

Is the Property Strategy document all about Council selling land?

No. The document has been created in response to a directive of the NSW Department of Planning for Council to use as supporting evidence in future Planning Proposals.

Is Council planning on selling my local park/sports field/reserve/hall?

Many of the properties owned by Council are Community Land. The Local Government Act prohibits the sale of Community Land and the process to change the classification to allow sale insists on gaining community support and authorisation via Council resolution prior to an extensive process prescribed by the NSW Department of Planning. 

Why is Council in the business of property?

Council holds property to support the efficient and effective delivery of the broad range of services it provides for the people who live, work in and visit the Shoalhaven Region. Other property, primarily vacant land, is also held for future strategic needs.

Council also owns or manages significant lands which are held primarily for the purpose of preserving the natural or heritage environment. These properties are not intended to attract intensive use and may be constrained, limiting development.

What is meant by the term 'property'?

Property in the context of this Strategy is used to describe any kind of interest in land, which Council either holds or has been granted. It includes all buildings or rooms within buildings, rights of way, leases, tenancies, licences, easements, rent charges and ground rents.

What kind of land does Council own or manage?

The majority of land owned or managed by Council is used for various civic, community and operational purposes including offices, libraries, parks, operational infrastructure (drainage, sewer and water services), road reserves, child care facilities, leisure centres, caravan parks, racing facilities, telecommunication and car parks, etc. A limited number of properties are leased for commercial purposes, providing an income stream to Council.

Will this Strategy help free up money to fix potholes/ buildings/ toilet blocks?

The Strategy does not advocate the selling of Council land to fill budget shortfalls, but promotes long-term planning to deliver balanced strategic, community and financial outcomes.

How does this Strategy relate to other plans of Council?

The Strategy is part of an integrated approach to deliver Council’s other strategic plans including (but not limited to): 

a. Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan 2017-2036

b. Nowra Bomaderry Structure Plan

c. Shoalhaven Growth Management Strategy

d. Shoalhaven Affordable Housing Strategy Milton Ulladulla Structure Plan 1996

e. Bay and Basin Community Hub Master Plan

f. Bomaderry Nowra Regional Sporting & Community Hub Master Plan

What are the outcomes Council hopes to achieve as a result of this Strategy?

The outcome of the implementation of the Strategy is to have properties which are:

a. Embellished and improved

b. Better maintained

c. Held for a strategic outcome

d. Fit for purpose

e. Utilised more