What is an Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP)?

The ISP is a document that captures the community’s and Council’s Strategic Plans. The document is made up of chapters with each chapter representing a key component in the ISP. The Chapters are: Chapter 1 – Community Strategic Plan; Chapter 2 – Delivery Program (Goals) and Operational Plan (Actions); Chapter 3 – Operational Plan Financials, Chapter 4 – Fees and Charges; Chapter 5 – Operational Plan Budget; and Chapter 6 – Resourcing Strategy.

What is the Community Strategic Plan (CSP)?

The CSP is the Community’s 10-year plan for the Shoalhaven City. The Plan is reviewed every 4 years, aligning with Council’s election and term. Community engagement and consultation is central to the Plan’s development along with input from State and Federal agencies and Council staff. The Plan has four Themes and 10 Key Priorities that are used by Councillors to develop their four-year Delivery Program Goals.

What is the Delivery Program and Operational Plan (DPOP)?

The DPOP is Council’s response to the Community Strategic Plan (CSP). It provides the Community with Council’s four-year Goals and one-year Actions. The Operational Plan Actions are budgeted and resourced activities that Council will undertake over the next financial year.

What is the Resourcing Strategy?

The Resourcing Strategy is made up of a Long Term Financial Plan, Workforce Plan and Asset Management Plan for Council. These plans show how Council is resourcing its Delivery Program Goals and Operational Plan Actions.

When will the budget and other plans be actioned?

Once the consultation period for the Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) has finished a report on the consultation process and findings is provided to Council along with changes to the draft ISP. With Council’s adoption of the report and changes to the draft ISP, the document will be made final for the start of the new financial year (July 1, 2018).