Hyams Beach Update - December 2018

over 1 year ago

21 December 2018

The following documents have been added to the Hyams Beach project page:

An update on the Hyams Beach project was reported to Council's Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday 18 December 2018. The report provided an update to Council on the results of the recent community survey and community consultation meeting undertaken on short and long-term traffic management and public facilities options at Hyams Beach.

The report presented a number of recommendations. Read the full report...

Council resolved to:

1. Receive and note:
a. The Hyams Beach Community Engagement Presentation from Micromex Research
provided as Attachment 1.
b. The minutes of Hyams Beach Community Consultation Meeting held on 8 December 2018
provided as Attachment 2.
c. The Hyams Beach 2018/19 Peak Season Traffic Management Overview presentation
provided as Attachment 3.

2. Note the following key findings presented in the Micromex Research Presentation report as
suggested potential actions for Council to consider:
a. Investigate a carpark out of the village with a walking track and/or shuttle bus into the
b. Set up temporary one-way roads within the village during peak periods, with Council staff
monitoring/enforcing the systems.
c. Explore community opinions on paid parking, or trial paid parking during peak periods only.
d. Set up bus drop off points close to the beach/places of high tourist interest, rather than
establishing bus parking stations within the village.
e. Trial the use of temporary portaloos to meet the increased demand for toilet facilities
during peak periods.
f. Continue to engage with the community about changes/plans to Hyams Beach, ensuring that all residents are included in correspondence and that opinions represent the whole

3. Note that Council staff are to meet with representatives of the Hyams Beach Villagers
Association on Wednesday 19 December with a view to reaching agreement on the
prioritisation of short and long-term traffic management options.

4. Note that further traffic and parking counts will be undertaken at Hyams Beach over the
Christmas/New Year holiday period in order that all future grant applications to progress traffic
management projects are supported by current reliable data.

5. Receive a full report in the new year advising on the following:
a. Outcomes and learnings from the short-term traffic management solutions implemented
over the Christmas / New Year period.
b. Details of any agreement reached with the Hyams Beach Villagers Association on a
priority list of short and long-term traffic management solutions.
c. Opportunities for grant funding to progress any long-term traffic management solutions
that have clear and widespread community support.

The attachments referenced in the resolution above can be accessed via the meeting's minutes. View the Council Meeting Minutes (items starts on page 35).
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