Hyams Beach Update - April 2019

about 1 year ago

Council's Strategy and Assets Committee considered a Peak Tourist Period Management - Progress Update regarding Hyams Beach on 12 March, 2019. You can read the full report from page 21 of the meeting agenda.

A series of resolutions were determined and subsequently adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 26 March 2019. Full details of the resolution are available from page 19 of the meeting's minutes.

It was resolved that Council:

1. Receive the report on the results of management strategies implemented over the peak tourism period to manage traffic, safety and local amenity concerns in high visitation areas.

2. Continue to manage short term high tourism visitation challenges over the next 12 months throughout the Shoalhaven Region and continue to provide a net budget allocation of $150,000 in the 2019/20 financial year to ensure the standard of service and improvements made over the last 12 months are maintained.

3. Commit to ongoing priority be given to resolving Hyams Beach challenges through continued investigation of long-term solutions as follows:

i. Actively pursue options for parking outside of Hyams Beach Village with walk in and/or a shuttle bus service, with preference given to two identified potential sites owned by Jerrinja Land Council and National Parks and Wildlife Service respectively.

ii. Actively work on feasibility, funding and installation of a permanent roundabout to ease traffic congestion and control access into Hyams Beach at peak holiday times.

iii. Continue to actively investigate the viability of paid parking through the required traffic studies and report back to council in due course.

4. Note that in relation to issues with illegal camping and noise complaints within the Seamans Carpark and in response to strong representations from the community to limit use of the carpark to be open only during daylight hours, the following key actions will be trialled:

i. Installation of a gate on the carpark and lock the gate – carpark only open during daylight hours

ii. Lock toilets – open only during daylight hours

iii. Investigate the ability to issue higher dollar infringements for illegal camping

5. Receive a further report on the outcomes of the grant application for infrastructure upgrades under the “Shoalhaven Sustainable Tourism Infrastructure Package” as part of the Restart NSW Environment and Tourism fund

6. Actively seek ongoing funding for tourism related infrastructure improvement projects as opportunities arise.

7. Proceed with a limited Expressions of Interest process to identify potential Smart Technology Solutions available to assist in solving the very high visitation challenges identified at Hyams Beach and report findings with estimated budgets back to council and the community via the Hyams Beach CCB.

8. That Council continue to work with the businesses of Hyams Beach in reducing any perceived impacts of the peak tourist management period.

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