What is the Growth Management Strategy (GMS)?

The Growth Management Strategy (GMS) is a strategic land-use document intended to guide the future growth of Shoalhaven to accommodate its growing population, while maintaining and protecting the social, economic and environmental values of the City.

How does the GMS work?

The GMS sets the policy framework for land use planning throughout the Shoalhaven and will be implemented through changes to local planning controls in the Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014 and Shoalhaven Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014.

The GMS does not itself rezone or change the use of land, rather, it identifies a program of investigation of potentially, suitable locations that could accommodate urban growth.

Why prepare a GMS Discussion Paper?

We prepared the Discussion Paper to help ask for your feedback on the update of the GMS. The Discussion Paper looks at where we are now, where we want to be, and asks how we get there. We asked you to consider how we should grow in the future, in particular:

  • Where and how growth should occur?

  • Which areas should be protected and why?

  • What trade-offs are acceptable to achieve desired outcomes?

What are we doing with your feedback?

We’re currently reviewing the feedback we received and will publish an Engagement Report in approximately July 2019. This report will summarise the feedback we received. We will also use the matters identified in the submissions to inform our preparation of a draft updated Strategy.

Will the GMS rezone land?

No. The GMS will not rezone land or change the use of land, rather, it identifies suitable locations for investigation to understand their future development potential.

Will the GMS enable rezoning or further subdivision of my rural land?

No. Although there are some rural areas we have previously identified as potentially suitable for accommodating future urban development - these areas still need to be investigated thoroughly to understand whether they are capable of being developed.

Can I nominate my rural land to be considered for future rezoning?

No. At this time, we do not intend to recommend Council’s considerationof rezoning requests for any rural land outside of or in addition to that currently identified in the current GMS.