What is the Community Strategic Plan (CSP)?

The Community Strategic Plan is the highest level strategic document that identifies the community’s priorities and guides the direction for the Shoalhaven over the next ten years. The plan is reviewed every four years, in line with Council elections. The document outlines themes and key priorities determined by the community in response to key issues that the Shoalhaven will face in the next decade. The plan ensures Agencies such as the Shoalhaven City Council are on track to deliver the vision of the Shoalhaven Community. 

What level of input will the community have in the final document?

The NSW Government requires all NSW Councils to implement an Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework to ensure their operations and strategic planning are on track to deliver the vision of the Shoalhaven Community. All individuals and community groups will have an opportunity to provide feedback in an extensive community engagement process from 10 April  to 15 May 2017.

What is the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework?

The NSW Government is requiring all NSW councils to implement an Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework to ensure Local Government operations and strategic planning are meeting the needs of the community. The framework provides an overall vision for each local government area. It helps Council identify and plan for funding priorities and service levels in consultation with their community, while preserving local identify and planning for a more liveable Shoalhaven. 

How does the Community Strategic Plan fit in with this Framework?

The CSP will be the overriding vision for the Shoalhaven in the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, outlining the community’s broad priorities and aspirations for the next ten years. The Strategic Plan will be accompanied by a Draft four-year Delivery Program and annual Operations Plan in April 2017 and will include Council’s annual budget. 

Why doesn’t the CSP start from scratch to define the communities’ priorities for the Shoalhaven?

Council undertook an extensive community engagement period for the previous CSP called Shoalhaven 2023 and this document has guided Shoalhaven City Council for the past four years. This CSP is an opportunity for the community to review the visions and key directions in the Shoalhaven and to reflect the changing attitudes and economic landscape of the region. 

Will the CSP outline which projects Council will undertake in the next four years?

No. The Shoalhaven consists of 49 towns and villages, each requiring a unique range of services, facilities and infrastructure that will not be listed in this document. The CSP will outline the community’s objectives on a wider scale, the Draft Delivery Program Operational Plan (DPOP) due for exhibition in April/May 2017 will highlight these localised projects. 

When is the draft of the CSP being made public

A draft Community Strategic Plan will be released with a Draft Delivery Program and Budget in April/May 2017. This will allow for the community to have a further say on both the Community Strategic Plan and also the budget and Delivery Program as part of Councils new "Integrated Planning Framework".

How can I participate?

  • You can also join the conversation on Shoalhaven City Council’s Facebook page.