What is the Community Strategic Plan (CSP)?

    A Community Strategic Plan is a 10-year plan that outlines the community’s vision for the future. It identifies and the main priorities and aspirations of the community and how these can be achieved.

     Council takes a lead role in the implementation of this Plan, however, responsibility for achieving our long-term goals rests with all levels of government, businesses, industry groups, community organisations and individuals.

    How does the CSP inform Council’s activities?

    The CSP guides Council's strategic and operational planning, resourcing and service delivery. It also ensures ongoing monitoring, evaluation and community engagement. Council’s Delivery Program and Operational Plan and Budget use the CSP to make sure our activities and programs meet community needs and expectations.

    Why is the CSP being reviewed?

    The CSP needs to be reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and captures the aspirations of the whole community. There have been lots of changes over the past four years and a review allows us to see if the Plan is on track or needs to be updated.

    How will my feedback be used?

    All feedback will be used to inform the review and update of the new Community Strategic Plan 2032. An engagement report will be drafted to accompany the draft CSP when it is considered for exhibition by the elected Council.