Collingwood Beach Dune Vegetation Two-Year Trial Action Plan

Council considered a Notice of Motion regarding the Collingwood Beach Dune Vegetation Plan at the Strategy and Assets Committee Meeting on 21 November 2017.

After a number of years of engaging with the community and working with numerous experts on the plan, Council has recommended that the Collingwood Beach Dune Vegetation Reference Group recommendations be adopted as a broad framework and reference document.

Mayor Findley said that “this approach seeks to find some sort of middle ground in this very complex and divided issue.”

"Recent meetings have occurred with both sides of the debate and the work that has been done to seek some sort of compromise that can be implemented within the legislative requirements was discussed.”

“Council has also accepted the advice that has been supplied by the Office of the Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP, Minister for the Environment, Minister for Local Government and Minister for Heritage, and agreed that the advice that has been received from Council's experts has been consistent and is recognised.”

“Council will be conducting two trial sections at Collingwood beachfront, each of approximately 50 metres in length to be monitored over a two-year period. This will include one area which has been damaged and denuded and a current vegetated area at Susan Street. It needs to also be made clear that the proposed site does not extend to the beach but only immediately adjacent to the path.”

"The trial and current approach does not extend to any other dune in the Shoalhaven."

“The aim of the trial is to show good foreshore management. Prior to any works occurring a management plan will be created and will need to be agreed."

“A strong engagement and communication strategy will also be established with identified stakeholders including a program of public consultation and education through the trial period and ongoing.”

“This will take time and it is essential that the community understand what is occurring, why and time frames that can be expected.”

“I would like to make it very clear, the dunes are owned by the public and the crown. They are not owned by those who live in front of the dunes and cannot be destroyed to maintain a view. The dunes are there for everyone to enjoy as they visit the beach, walk along the pathway and enjoy the environment.”

“Tree vandalism is not acceptable and is a crime in any public area of the Shoalhaven."

"Shoalhaven City Council will be developing a robust tree vandalism policy which will be rolled out across the City. Council will also immediately adopt an anti vandalism strategy to mitigate against continued vandalism.”

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