SURVEY - Sealing of the Shoalhaven Heads Pump Track

The BMX Pump Track on Jerry Bailey Oval, Shoalhaven Heads is a community-led project by a sub-group of the Shoalhaven Heads Community Forum. To date the group has delivered an unsealed Pump Track to the site. A long-term goal of the Community Forum is to have the track sealed, to reduce the need for maintenance and increase the number of users and variety of uses for the track (ie skateboarding, scootering, etc).

At Council’s Ordinary Meeting on 28 May 2019, Council resolved to give in-principle approval to seal the Pump Track subject to the outcome of the community consultation process.

It is proposed that the Pump Track will be sealed with asphalt, being a mixture of aggregate and bituminous binder. The asphalt will be delivered to the site and light machinery will be used to place it on the track. Manual labour and compactor plates will then be used to level and smooth the final surface. It is anticipated that the works will take approximately 10 days, weather permitting.

Council undertook community consultation in late 2018 regarding the proposal for an unsealed track. Further community consultation must now be undertaken to determine the level of support and need for the sealing of the track and to provide community members with the opportunity to give feedback. In conjunction with this consultation, Council will complete Native Title Assessments and a Review of Environmental Factors.


You can complete the survey online below. Alternatively, hardcopy surveys are available on request - phone Council on (02) 4429 3111.

The survey will be open from Thursday 4 July to Sunday 4 August 2019.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.