Sealing of the Shoalhaven Heads Pump Track

5 months ago
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31 May 2019

The sealing of the Shoalhaven Heads Pump Track was brought before Council via a Notice of Motion at Council's Ordinary Meeting on 28 May 2019.

It was resolved at the meeting that:

  1. Council give in-principle approval to bringing forward the sealing of the Shoalhaven Heads pump track.
  2. Approval be given to seal the Shoalhaven Head Pump Track without a further report to Council subject to the outcome of the Community Consultation process.

Council is now preparing for further community consultation, Native Title assessments, and updating the Review of Environmental Factors. These processes are expected to take approximately 3 months, and are required to be completed to advise the best way forward in regard to sealing the Pump Track.

The Pump Track will be officially opened as an unsealed facility on Sunday 16 June 2019, whilst Council undertakes the aforementioned processes.