Council Resolves to Support BMX Pump Track

12 months ago
Capture pump track

22 October 2018

Shoalhaven City Council recently completed community consultation regarding the proposal for the BMX pump track at Jerry Bailey Oval, Shoalhaven Heads.

The consultation found that there was a majority of the community in support of the proposal, with the results collated and reported to Council's Strategy and Assets Committee meeting 16 October 2018.

At this meeting, the report was received and deputations were made from community members speaking for and against the proposal. As a result, it was unanimously resolved (MIN18.806):
That Council supports the proposal by Shoalhaven Heads Community Forum to construct a BMX
Pump Track on Jerry Bailey Oval, Shoalhaven Heads, subject to Shoalhaven Heads Community
Forum supplying Council with:
  1. Revised Activation Strategy to include a five-year plan for activating the BMX Pump Track;
  2. Evaluation Criteria as per Council’s Policy; and
  3. Confirmation that they have secured donations and in-kind contributions to fund and deliver the project.
A video webcast of the meeting and the meeting's minutes are available on Council's website.

Council will now be working with the Shoalhaven Heads Community Forum to ensure that the relevant procedural and legislative requirements are met, as well as overseeing the delivery of this project.

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