Construction of Pump Track Commenced

7 months ago
Construction commenced drone

The Pump Track Sub-Committee has commenced construction of the Pump Track on Jerry Bailey Oval, Shoalhaven Heads.
The construction site currently consists of material stockpiled around the footprint of the track, and a shipping container for temporary storage during construction.
The site has been fenced off and the appropriate sediment control has been installed. The material onsite has been laboratory tested and certified prior to delivery.
The construction phase of the pump track will comprise of the following key milestones:
  • Shaping of the track
  • Raking and compaction of the track
  • Final surfacing of the track
  • Battering the slopes and berms
  • Landscaping around the perimeter and edges of the track
A temporary water supply has been arranged to assist with compaction and reduce dust during the construction phase of the track.