Outcome of Councillor Workshop - 7 December 2017

over 1 year ago
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A further Councillor Workshop was held on 7 December 2017 to discuss the Bay and Basin Community Hub Draft Master Plan .

Discussion was had at this workshop regarding the intended colocation of the library with the Bay and Basin Leisure Centre and its central location to the community as a whole. The impact that this would have on the Sanctuary Point community, where the current library is situated, was also discussed.

It was decided that staff would research the options for the library building to remain in its current location and be used to provide services to the community. Staff would liaise with local community groups and members of the local population to determine its best use.

It should be noted that Council has a licence to use the land, owned the by NSW Department of Education, upon which the current Sanctuary Point Library is located.

Consultation has concluded