What matters will be covered in the Local Strategic Planning Statement?

    Generally, the Statement will examine and cover matters such as:

    ·  housing supply, diversity and affordability

    ·  employment and economic growth

    ·  environmental protection

    ·  preserving the character of towns and villages, and

    ·  infrastructure and service provision.

    How long will the Local Strategic Planning Statement be?

    Council is aiming to produce a succinct, easily understood document. Where possible, images, maps and figures will be used to convey information. 

    The Statement will collate and coordinate the information and actions from existing studies, strategies and policies. It will not re-state matters covered in other documents. 

    The Statement will not include all strategic reasoning or background discussions or findings. It will simply make a reference to relevant studies and include a high-level summary, listing the resulting actions and priorities.

    When is Council required to finalise its Local Strategic Planning Statement?

    Council must have the Statement in place by 1 July 2020.

    How does the local strategic planning statement differ to the community strategic plan?

    The local strategic planning statement will focus on the vision and priorities for land use in the local area. The community strategic plan, prepared under the Local Government Act 1993, has a broader focus on achieving the long term social, environmental and economic aspirations of the community. 

    The community strategic plan is the governing document for Council’s strategic business planning across all of its activities.

    How will Council involve the community in the development of the Local Strategic Planning Statement?

    Council intends to consult with the community as the Statement is developed and during the development of background studies and strategies, such as the Growth Management Strategy. Council will also use the findings of recent consultation work on the Integrated Strategic Plan. The planning legislation requires Council, as a minimum, to exhibit a draft Statement for at least 28 days.