Feedback for Draft Bawley Point Bushcare Action Plan for Cormorant Wetland

almost 3 years ago
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  • Margaret Hamon almost 3 years ago
    Cormorant Wetland and beyond.Formosa Lilies(Lilium formosanum) are in the process of being eradicated from both Bawley Point and Kioloa. The Willinga headland, which used to have Formosa Lilies scattered through it, now only has the occasional plant along the disturbed edges.The "epicentre" of these, near the Gantry, is now being addressed.Mother-of-Millions (Bryophyllum) continues to be a major problem on Bawley Headland, with the potential for plants to spread further away. There are already patches of it at the Cormorant Wetland.It is perhaps worth considering the major weed area between Bawley Boat Ramp and The Gantry for attention if plans for a historic walk eventuate, as the weed infestation here is centred on the last of the old timber workers' cottages.