Does the name Roy McDaniel have to be used for the bridge?

No any name can be suggested by the community as long as the name meets the required naming conventions. All submissions will be provided to the RMS for consideration. 

Can the name remain Burrill Lake Bridge ?

The name of the bridge can remain unchanged if that is what the community would like. The engagement is seeking feedback on a suggestion provided to Council by a community member. If the community does not want the name changed then this will provided to the RMS for consideration. 

Can Council provide a reccomendation to the RMS for the naming of a bridge?

Yes a Council can provide a recommendation for the name that is used for a bridge on a State Road in their local government area. The RMS has the final approval for any name.

Could the suggested names be used for something other than the bridge ?

Council is always looking for names to add to a register of future street names for the local area. The names provided by the community through this enagagement could be added to this register.