Community-led Resilience Planning – Project Update

We continue to be pleased and very grateful for the incredible response the project has received from the Community and Council staff. A big thank you to the those who have volunteered for the workshops, completed one of the preliminary surveys to inform and underpin those workshops or the many who have engaged in both.

COVID Impact

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the likelihood of us receiving the Griffith University team in-person in the Shoalhaven for the workshops is stalled for the foreseeable future. However, we do not wish to weaken or diminish the community’s clear enthusiasm to participate, so we have given much thought to what we may be able to conduct using virtual means in the interim.

Survey Analysis and Webinar Series

The first priority of our Griffith University partners is to begin to analyse the survey responses (over 365 received so far) and to use this analysis to prepare for the workshops. The adult survey and youth survey will remain open for a while longer for those who still wish to participate.

The survey analysis will be presented to the workshop participants as part of a new project component - an online webinar series. This will include some informative presentations relevant to adaptation and resilience issues to underpin the workshops’ commencement. A timetable for the webinar series is currently being developed and you will be provided with the details once the survey data have been analysed.

Workshops Remain Postponed

While we have built additional engagement opportunities into the project’s methodology, the workshops continue to be our primary focus and we intend to hold them as soon as it is possible.

It is important to appreciate that the workshops must be conducted in person as the process requires free flowing and frank discussion amongst participants which cannot be achieved in an online forum. Additionally, the workshops are cumulative - they build progressively upon each other - which is the fundamental reason behind the necessity of face-to-face contact.

For the moment, please continue to be enthusiastic and supportive of the workshops and the work ahead. We thank you again for your level of participation in the survey and we will be back to you in the coming weeks to let you know the webinar details – content, timing and connection information.

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